Aztec Cookies


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Enter into a journey of euphoria and flavor with Mutant Genetics’ Aztec Cookies flowers. These ladies came from Mother flowers Sin Mint, the cross of Forum x Blue Power, and an Ancient OG male. This coveted cultivar was Pheno hunted then cultivated by the Mutant Genetics team in San Diego. These flowers are unforgettable, between the incredible terpene profile and cannabinoids every toke is a delight. Seasoned smokers will adore the sweet diesel aroma these buds exude, and as soon as you open the container Aztec Cookies’ creamy cookie smell permeates the air. A toke of these flowers delivers heavy-hitting effects; these Mutant Genetics flowers never test below 33% THC. Every hit banishes pain, sadness, and anxiety replacing it with high-flying euphoria and bliss.


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