Cannariginals Emu 420 Mystic Mango Elixer


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280mg CBD | 140mg THC | 28,800mg Emu Oil

Our #1 elixir, Mystic Mango continues our tradition of bringing high quality, non-psychoactive wellness products to the cannabis market. Made with the finest Emu oil available, this anti-inflammatory cannabis-infused tincture provides relief for a wide variety of conditions. Plus, it tastes great!


Why Emu Oil?

Emu oil contains an ideal ratio of EFAs (essential fatty acids, Omega 3-6-9) which also maximize the bioavailability of cannabinoids that are taken via our sublingual elixirs. The presence of emu oil in **** creates a liposomal effect so that the cannabinoids are not “consumed” in the early stages of digestion, again maximizing the bioavailability of cannabinoids where our bodies need it most. Our elixirs have been shown to combat a wide array of issues from anxiety to nausea, and more. #LiveWithRelief


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