PLÜME Trainwreck 750mg, Hybrid


Plume 750mg Cartridge


Co2 supercritical clear distillate is the origin of our product. All of our oil is tested at SC Labs for residual solvents and have a guaranteed potency averaging above 75% THC. The oil is then mixed with strain specific terpenes staying true to the original flavors found in the flower.


Trainwreck is a sativa dominant hybrid that is thought to get its name from the fact that it’s sativa effects hit you like a train.  The strain first appeared in the 80s making it one of the better known names in cannabis culture.  The taste is very unique with bright lemon and lime flavors initially, and then finishes with  earthy pepper undertones.  The effects are mostly cerebral and are great for relieving stress and anxiety leaving users relaxed and care-free. Best enjoyed during the day.


No VG and and No PG.


SC Labs certified clean, clear oil.


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